Incorporate In Nevada Within 24 hours!

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Check list below, shows the value and difference you get with CSP, Inc.  

The Value You Get


Most Other Companies

25 years of experience, doing it the right way. Family owned and operated for 25 years when you Incorporate in Nevada.

No hidden fee surprises. All inclusive service and pricing.  Rather than paying for a dozen unexpected services, we handle everything for you with one price.


We obtain your EIN number, help you get your bank account opened, file your articles and initial officers list, get your corporate kit with seal, and forward your mail first class for one year.   

We encourage your phone calls, speak to a live, knowledgeable person right away with no phone prompts.

Your account with us is confidential and we do not share any of your information with anyone.

When leaving an e-mail or a voice mail, expect a response within1 business hour.

If needed, we offer our Nevada Corporation Fast -Track Expedite  Service. This service offers you complete corporation set up within 24 hours.  

CSP stays with you long after your corporation has been set up.  We provide world class continuous administrative support and remind you when your corporation or entity is set to renew annually. 

As a pioneer in the industry, we have set up thousands of Nevada Corporations and offer the most impenetrable asset protection strategies available.



When setting up a business plan, the organizers or owners have a choice on where to incorporate.  Many major corporations view Nevada as a corporate haven because of it's pro-busness laws. Please note, a business doesn’t need to establish or maintain a physical presence in order to incorporate in Nevada.


In most cases, the Nevada corporation is traditionally the first line of defense in any asset protection strategy because of the long record of statutory and case law that supports the goal of achieving limited liability.  The liability protection is only available because of the way the law separates the Nevada corporation from any associated individual.  On the contrary, a sole proprietor is an open target to lawsuits and is not separate from their business.


  1.   Nevada Corporations have no state corporate taxes.

  2.   Nevada Corporations have no franchise tax.

  3.   Nevada Corporations have no tax on corporate shares.

  4.   Nevada Corporations have no personal income tax.

  5.   Nevada Corporations have total privacy of shareholders (owners).

  6.   Nevada Corporations have minimal reporting and disclosure requirements.

  7.   Nevada Corporations have nominal annual fees.

   8.  Shareholders have limited liability to their investment in the corporation.

  9.   Lower federal income tax rates (in many cases).

 10.  Centralized management, ease of doing business.

 11.  More tax deductions available to the corporation than to other forms
        of business entities.   
 12.  Financial privacy.

 13.  Stability and permanence of business. 

 14.  Easy transfer of assets and ownership.

 15.  Established case law.

 16.  Flexibility in raising capital.

 17.  Distinct separate legal existence. 

 18.  One person can hold the position of the President, Secretary, Treasurer 
        and Director.  
 19.  Nevada Corporations allow a Nominee Signator to sign documents on the 
        corporation's behalf.  
 20.  Nevada has established case law that prevents easy piercing of the 
        corporate veil.  
 21.  Corporate officers and directors can be protected from any personal 
        liability for their lawful acts on behalf of the corporation.  
 22.  Stockholders, directors and officers need not live or hold meetings in

 23.  Stockholders, directors need not be US citizens.

 24.  Only the names of the officers and directors are on public record, no  
        other information, listings, or minutes of meetings are filed with the 
 25.  There is no minimum capital requirement to incorporate in Nevada.


Our Process of How to Incorporate in Nevada.

1.  Usually when people come to us they already have an idea of the type of business they will conduct and often the name they would like to use.  Therefore, our first step is to go online with the Secretary of State to check for name availability and see if there are any conflicts with the name you would like to use.  However, if you don’t have a name in mind, we are happy to brainstorm with you until we can find an available name to your liking.

2.  Once you have decided on a name, and type of entity, Nevada S Corporation, Nevada C Corporation, or Nevada LLC, we will then gather your contact information and method of payment.  At this point we are ready to file the Articles of Incorporation online with the State of Nevada.  Your corporation  will become active within a couple of hours or less.  We will then have access to the filed Articles of Incorporation and the Corporate Charter. We can email or fax you a copy of those records immediately.


3.  Now that the corporation is active with the State, we are then able to apply for the EIN number.  This is the Federal Employer Identification Number and would be used to open your bank account as well as when you file your Federal tax return.  Remember, when you Incorporate in Nevada, there is no state corporate tax! This number can usually be obtained the same day also.


4.  If you would like to have a Nevada bank account, we will contact one of our Bank Representatives in Nevada and email them your contact information, Corporate Articles, Charter, and EIN number.  The bank representative will then contact you directly and walk you through the account set up process. This too can usually be done within 24 business hours.   


5.  As your Nevada Registered Agent, we will provide you with mail forwarding for your corporation for one year at no additional charge.  All corporate mail received at the Nevada address will be forwarded via first class mail privately to the address we have on file for you. Your contact information is not shared with anyone without your permission. 


6.  At this time your Deluxe Corporate Kit and Seal will be ordered and sent directly to the address we have on file for you.  This kit provides information on your corporation and is a good place to keep copies of all the documents that pertain to your corporation.


7.  Approximately 20 days after the Articles of Incorporation have been filed, you will need to decide who you would like listed as the Initial Officers for the corporation. The positions are President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director. These positions can be filled by four different people or all by just one individual.  Also keep in mind that these people don’t necessarily have to be the owners or stockholders of the corporation. 


8.  Every year the Secretary of State requires the corporation to file an “Annual List of Officers, Nevada Registered Agent and Business License Application” filing.  We send the form to you for signature approximately 90 days before it is due to the State.  If we do not hear back from you within that time period, reminder notices will be sent via mail, email and by phone. 
How is Corporate Strategy Planners Different from Other Nevada Registered Agents?  
CSP has been family owned and operated for 25 years.  We  specialize in helping businesses and people to incorporate in Nevada and maintain their Nevada S Corporations, Nevada C Corporations, Nevada LLC's and Limited Partnerships. Our experience ensures that your entities are set up properly and then well administered.
Many Nevada Registered Agents initially quote extremely low fees and then hit you with all the necessary charges after you have signed up with them.  It gets very costly when you pay for everything separatelyFor this reason, we offer you a one time all Inclusive Price for everything you will need.
Several people have come to us because their Nevada Registered Agent started the Incorporation process but did not finish it.  In some cases they were unable to track down the Agent.  Others said that their Initial List of Officers was not filed with the Secretary of State on time thus, sending their brand new entity right into default status!        
We encourage your phone calls and most often when you call you will be able to speak to a live, knowledgeable person right away with no phone prompts.  When leaving an e-mail or a voice mail, expect a timely response from us usually within one to two hours at the most.
CSP stays with you long after your corporation has been set up.  As your Nevada Registered Agent, we not only provide you with 1st class mail forwarding, we provide world class continuous administrative support and remind you when your corporation or entity is set to renew annually.  
As a pioneer in the industry, we offer the most impenetrable asset protection strategies available.  Remember that your account with us is confidential and we do not share ANY of your personal information with anyone. 
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Disclaimer: Corporate Strategy Planners, Inc. strategies are not intended to evade or deceive but rather are designed to assist and protect our client through to use of existing interstate laws. As we are not engaging in providing legal, accounting, or tax service, we recommend that you contact your personal professional advisor for advise in those areas. Corporate Strategy Planners, Inc. assumes no liability from the improper use of your strategies. Clients agree in advance to hold Corporate Strategy Planners, Inc. harmless from any and all cost, loss or damages by anything permitted.